Principal, Active Strategies

Andy Williamson

Andy’s business card says Principal at Active Strategies. However, he serves many roles – a father and husband, a catalyst, salesman, mentor, and advocate, a project  manager, board member, outdoor adventurer, strategic planner, and visionary.

At Active Strategies Andy leads their team in helping communities and organizations harness the catalytic power of outdoor recreation in order to foster vibrant active cultures. Their vision is to ensure every community and resident has access to quality trails and outdoor recreation that they can use to build and sustain their own unique and vibrant culture.

Previously at IMBA (the International Mountain Biking Association) he led the organization’s mission-focused programs designed to protect, create, and enhance great places to ride mountain bikes. Whether it was leading trips across the country for a university outdoor program, managing a park district outdoor recreation program, or as a dedicated volunteer and advocate, he has spent his career working to educate and inspire people to get out and live and has been invested in ensuring everyone has a place to find their own adventure.

Andy Williamson

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