Network Coordinator, Carolina Textile District; Director of Design & Development, Sew Co

Leigh Anne Hilbert

Leigh Anne Hilbert is the Network Coordinator for the Carolina Textile District (CTD), an enterprise of The Industrial Commons (TIC).

Growing up in a textile region in southwestern Virginia, she saw factories close and thousands of people laid off, including her mother. After witnessing the positive impact that the TIC and CTD could have in the region, both for owners and workers, she jumped in.

After graduating with a BFA from James Madison University, she headed west and worked in the costuming and arts community in Oregon and California. When she came back to the mountains with her family, she opened The Drygoods Studios, a community driven mixed-use studio space in the heart of West Asheville, where she sells her canvas and leather bags and accessories. She is also the Director of Design and Development at Sew Co, one of the CTD’s member companies.

Leigh Anne Hilbert

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