Watch the Workshop Recordings

Outdoor Economy October was amazing!

Five workshops across the month of October explored five pivotal subjects that will collectively determine the future of our outdoor economy, and as the workshops continued, presenter after presenter made it clear that these issues are interconnected and intersectional. We’re excited to share these recordings with you, so that the learning and growing can continue!

With over 20 hours of high-resolution workshop videos diving into what makes the outdoor economy tick, and a networking platform full of fellow outdoor economy changemakers, the impact of the Outdoor Economy Conference can continue for years to come.

Read or download the PDF below for our staff picks and session highlights, or just head straight to the opening sessions of one of our 5 workshops, and click “Show Agenda” to choose from all the workshop recordings that day:

1) Healthy Communities Through Recreation (Oct 1)
2) Growth Through Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (Oct 8)
3) Outdoor Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Oct 15)
4) Next Generation Outdoors (Oct 22)
5) Building Outdoor Communities (Oct 29)

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With over 20 hours of replicable models, expert advice, sharable studies and information, and brilliant speakers sharing the most cutting edge knowledge in the field, our post-conference price is an incredible deal.