2020 Outdoor Economy Conference

The Future of Outdoors
5 workshops, 5 key topics shaping the future, one Outdoor Economy
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#OutdoorEconomy October was amazing! Thank you to all of the 415 people from 31 states and 5 countries who joined us for the live workshops!

Catch all of the recorded videos, and keep the conversation going, at outdooreconomy.org/watch

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The Outdoor Economy Conference connects, educates, and inspires leaders and doers working to grow the outdoor industry and craft an economy that's intimately tied to the well-being of their places and communities.

The 2020 Conference: The Future of Outdoors

With the outdoors more essential than ever, this year's conference will bring together outdoor leaders from around the country to advance 5 timely topics and ensure a better future for the outdoor economy, and for the people and places that it serves.

Healthy Communities Through Recreation

Growth Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Outdoor Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Next Generation Outdoors

Building Outdoor Communities


Join hundreds of your peers to take action together and grow an outdoor economy that works for all!

What was the 2020 Outdoor Economy Conference like?

> Entirely online

> Workshops Every Thursday in October, from 12-4 EST

> Ample Networking Time With Peers and Presenters

> Over 20 hours of high-impact workshops, available online as recordings

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We had 415 attendees this year, hailing from 31 states and five countries on four continents. Our speakers and attendees joined us from all over the US, making the most of our virtual format to join in every week for workshops packed with great ideas, replicable models, inspiring speakers, and all the tools needed to secure the future of our outdoor economy. While we certainly miss the shared stoke of an in-person event, it was exciting to see how this new online format made the content and the community more accessible than ever.


If you joined us this year, thank you! And if you haven't gotten your pass(es) yet... what are you waiting for?!! There's so much goodness just a couple of clicks away.

More Information About Our Sessions


Growing public and private investments in outdoor recreation access and infrastructure by demonstrating the health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation, and of greater and more equitable access to the outdoors

The health of our outdoor economy and the outdoor infrastructure that it relies on are tied to the health and well-being of our communities. It is well documented that access to outdoor recreation is essential for both individual and community health (physical, mental, and emotional).

Investing in outdoor infrastructure and increasing equitable outdoor access will improve social determinants of health and boost our economy at the same time.

Growth Through Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Ensuring that the outdoor industry and outdoor communities are embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as growth and development strategies

The future of the outdoor recreation economy is dependent upon our companies and communities becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. There is major work needed to ensure that the outdoors, and the outdoor industry, are welcoming and accessible to people of all races, identities, and abilities.

This year, we are specifically focused on racial equity as a strategic priority for the outdoor industry. Addressing this priority now will lead to current and long-term gains in innovation and economic opportunity, and be critical for engaging future generations of outdoorists.


Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the outdoor industry to drive economic growth and job creation

To build a stronger outdoor economy, we must start, grow, and nurture a thriving ecosystem of outdoor industry companies and partners.

What kinds of programs, infrastructure, and networks are forward-thinking regions putting in place to encourage and train outdoor industry entrepreneurs and innovators?

What resources and initiatives are in place, and which ones are still needed, to help design cutting-edge outdoor products and equipment, start new outdoor businesses, and drive existing companies to success?

What will it take to co-create a thriving outdoor economy that works for and welcomes everyone?

Next Generation Outdoors

Engaging youth around the outdoors to ensure a sustainable and vibrant future for the outdoor economy


The future of the outdoor recreation industry is dependent upon young people growing up with a love for the outdoors, a passion for recreating in our mountains & rivers, and an appreciation for the ways in which these special places can provide satisfying careers and keep their communities strong.

Unfortunately, kids went on 15 percent fewer annual outings in 2018 than they did in 2012, and Americans went on one billion fewer outdoor outings in 2018 than they did in 2008. How can we reverse this trend and secure the future of the outdoor economy?


Putting ideas into action to build outdoor communities, with guided sessions and a supportive workspace for addressing the shared needs and opportunities brought forth throughout the Conference (& beyond).


It takes the whole community to build an outdoor community. 

Come together with other leaders and doers from your own region as well as peers from around the country to prioritize your top action areas and get hands-on with valuable tools and expert facilitators to help you build strong and lasting partnerships, collect and make the most of data, and tell data- and community-driven stories that attract funding and get things done.

Meet Some of Our Speakers

Abby Dione

Abby Dione

Owner, Coral Cliffs Rock Climbing Center
Sarah Calhoun

Sarah Calhoun

Owner, Red Ants Pants

Teresa Baker

Founder, Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge

Antony Chiang

CEO, Dogwood Health Trust

Amy Allison

Director, NC Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Dr. Nooshin Razani

Director, Center for Nature and Health at UCSF
Jessica Wahl

Jessica (Wahl) Turner

Executive Director, Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

Ray Rasker

Executive Director, Headwaters Economics
Lise Aangeenbrug

Lise Aangeenbrug

Executive Director, Outdoor Industry Association

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